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DOT Evaluations

SleepMS, offers Department of Transportation evaluations related to sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. If you need a DOT sleep disorder evaluation or sleep study, request an appointment with Dr. Clerk, the most trusted sleep specialist in San Jose, CA.

What are DOT evaluations?

Commercial motor vehicle drivers are required to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and undergo regular Department of Transportation (DOT) physical evaluations. These evaluations confirm that a driver does not have any kind of disorder that may potentially impair driving. In some cases, DOT evaluations require a driver to consult a sleep disorder specialist to rule out or identify any sleep disorders.

How do sleep disorders affect driving?

Sleep disorders can cause drowsy driving, along with a variety of other potentially dangerous symptoms, which significantly increase a driver’s risk of being involved in a motor vehicle accident. In addition, a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea, that results in poor quality sleep, can lead to excessive daytime sleepiness.

Sleep-deprived drivers have delayed reaction times and may demonstrate impaired judgment – both of which have the potential to result in catastrophic consequences behind the wheel.

How can I avoid drowsy driving?

Whether you’re a commercial driver or simply get behind the wheel in your everyday life, a sleep disorder evaluation is an important first step to avoiding drowsy driving. Ongoing symptoms such as habitual snoring, excessive daytime sleepiness, and trouble concentrating are all red flags that may warrant evaluation.

Getting the correct diagnosis and proper treatment for an underlying sleep disorder can help to prevent drowsy driving and decrease the risk of automobile accidents.

How do I get a sleep disorder evaluation for DOT?

SleepMS offers occupational health evaluations related to sleep disorders in San Jose, CA. Our sleep specialist can provide a comprehensive interview and physical exam required for the DOT. We also offer DOT sleep study services, when necessary.

Patients who do have an existing sleep disorder or who are diagnosed with a sleep disorder can still be cleared to receive a commercial vehicle license, as long as they are following their prescribed treatment plan.

Dr. Clerk also offers ongoing treatment maintenance for sleep disorder patients. In some cases, you may be able to use our telesleep services for your check-up appointments, making the medical management of your sleep disorder more convenient.

Please note that the process of evaluation and clearance from a sleep specialist to resume or continue commercial driving may take several weeks to complete. It is important to make an appointment with a sleep specialist as early as possible before your DOT evaluation or sleep study.

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